Welcome to all RPCVs!

Wherever you are in the Inland Northwest, join us for any event and please feel free to use the blog or email any of the officers for ideas on bringing the world back home!

Holiday Festivities

To celebrate the holidays, join with INPCA for a performance of the Gonzaga University Choir's Christmas Concert, Saturday afternoon, December 14, at St. Aloysius Church on the campus of Gonzaga. Concert time is 2 p.m. We will gather at the Church before the concert, details to come later.

Tickets are available in advance. Tana will buy tickets in advance for those who make a reservation with her. Once you make a reservation, then you are obligated to pay for the ticket either with the reservation or with Tana before the concert. Tana's email is tanadugan@hotmail.com
Advance tickets should be ordered no later than Saturday, November 30.

Prices are: senior advance ticket is $10.00; Adult advance ticket is $12.00.

All tickets purchased at the door on the day of performance are $15.00

There will be a post concert gathering at Tyler and Stela Wasson's home at 1122 E. Baldwin Avenue, Spokane. Plan to bring a beverage and finger food to share to the reception. If you want to come only to the post concert gathering, that is okay, too.

Short business meeting items include:
Nominations for officers for 2014
Dues collecting for 2014 ($15 for INPCA, $35 for NPCA)
Update on Refugee Connection project

Coffee Sales. Our Roast House coffee makes a nice thoughtful holiday gift for friends and family. If you would like to purchase coffee for the holidays, please order in advance (email to Kay Dixon inpca.spokane@gmail.com ) and it will be available for you at the holiday party.

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Potluck & Used Book Collecting

Time for a combo social and service project!

Sunday, October 20 starting at 4 p.m.
Dixon home at 619 E Martingale Ct, Spokane 99224

With CampOut left over pulled pork and pulled chicken for sandwiches for the main course, please bring a side dish to help round out the menu.

At this gathering, we will collect gently used books (for all ages and readers) which we will give to The Book Parlor (www.TheBookParlor.com) for their book store and distribution.

Gently used children's books will be given to www.refugeeconnectionspokane.org for distribution to participants in their programs.

Frequently you can find gently used children's books at any of our local thrift shops.

No books, then perhaps a cash donation will help to defray any shipping costs if INPCA decides to ship the books to another location.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Welcome Back / Send Off Message

At our Welcome Back Send Off gathering, Ira Amstadter expressed the following sentiments of the INPCA.

May I ask us all to join hands.  As Henry the 8th said to each of his wives I won’t keep you long. 

“We are proud of you – you go forth on a path that all of us have traveled, a path of unknowns, a path of intention to serve the world , a path to bring forth American spirit with intention and peace.  All of our experiences have been different, different countries, different American images- some to overcome and many to enhance but in all our cases  different times and all at different points in our lives. Our service activities were also quite different and for some of us our countries of service have had difficult and challenging times and we try in our own ways to stay in touch with the idealism of our experiences.  We honor these differences and respect the commonality that in many ways sets us apart from the American mainstream and puts us in a unique and special group- returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

"We are excited for you, frankly I’m envious of the upcoming adventure- your idealistic meandering in worlds that are clearly not Kansas anymore.  We all join in wishing you strength and resiliency- when you tire of the challenges and frustrations of circumstances beyond your control and there will be many -- seek out the children and play- forget your project or assignment and dance in the eyes of the children wherever you go- they are our collective future and we stand united in saluting you for your intention and action as you “walk your talk”.

"We encourage you to connect and seek commonalities AND to disconnect from here.  It’s tough to keep one foot on each shore- I hear that this is increasingly difficult in our cyber age.  In my years in Zaire we got mail several times a year and there was no phone or other communication to rely upon.  I know and we walked to school both ways in the snow barefoot.   I encourage you to immerse yourself in the language and the culture of where you have been chosen to go. Your friends and family here will try and tether you with electrons- we encourage you to break free and revel in the road less taken.  I guarantee it will reward you in so many ways. 

"Thank you and go in Peace!!!!!”   We are here for you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Links of interest

Follow this link to learn about the Beebes' charity of choice.  As an expression of gratitude for all the work and contributions the Beebes have made to INPCA over the years, INPCA will be making a donation to the Shambala Foundation.


Send your donations for this fund ASAP to our INPCA Treasurer at Box 9203, Spokane, WA 99209.